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ASIST - Understanding Suicide

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

I am very happy (if that is the word) to announce that I am now able to deliver the globally recognised LivingWorks 'suicideTALK' package.

When people are thinking about suicide, they almost always express their pain in ways that invite others to reach out and help. This training will empower anyone to recognise these signs and provide life-saving support.

I offer this package at organisations' sites, in order that a large number of people can be trained at a time - the recommended number is 12 persons.

I also offer mental health first aid and employee mental health awareness sessions, also for delivery at workplaces and at each organisation's site.

We need to engage with each other, as well as ourselves, to make our places of work safer and healthier. Let's start with the person sitting next to us.

Mike Thakoordin is a trainer and consultant specialising in Mental Health in the Workplace, alongside his SHEQ consultancy. He is the Founder of Working Well Matters, a Chartered Engineer, a Lead Auditor and a Professional Workplace Trainer.

Want to make your workplace a more healthier place? Email me at;-

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