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Mental Health

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Meet Mike Thakoordin

Workplace Mental Health Trainer, First Aider and Wellbeing Consultant

Mike is the Director of Working Well Matters and Verdant Environmental, as well as Wellbeing@Work a local not-for-profit seeking to help business owners and employees to work in a sustainable and productive way. He is a highly committed, experienced, knowledgeable and passionate professional with over 30 years' experience in workplace wellbeing; sustainability; management of environmental, health & safety and quality (SHEQ) systems; and workplace training. He has experience working both in-house and consultancy roles.

Mike has a proven track record in developing, implementing and leading wellbeing, sustainability and SHEQ strategies for a wide range of organisations such as SMEs, large multi-national organisations and charities. 

Mike is a chartered engineer and a member of IEMA. He is an Instructor trainer for MHFA England and has completed training through the ASIST (Suicide Prevention) programme. He is active in the local community actively supporting mental health charities. Mike has strong experience in compliance, training and consultancy and is an accomplished presenter.

Meet Mike

What is WorkPlace Wellbeing?

The term 'Wellbeing'  is typically split into the areas below (reference to The New Economics Foundation in 2008):


Workplace Wellbeing can be clarified as:


Can you connect with people around you? Invest time in developing relationships with colleagues, suppliers, clients. Are you able to both talk and listen?


Can you give not only some of your time, and your words of encouragement, but also of your presence? Giving cultivates a spirit of generosity.

Take Notice

When you decide to pay more attention to those around you, you may be able to detect  subtle changes in their demeanour and behaviour.

Keep Learning

New expereinces positively stimulate the brain. When was the last time you took a little bit of time to consider your own wellbeing?

Be Active

Physical activity is great for both our bodies and our minds. Usually it is better to do such things in a group or with colleagues. There are anumber of organised activities to choose from.


"Mike is a thoroughly professional trainer who provided my staff team with a high quality CPD session on 'A Mentally Healthy Workplace'. Participating in this workshop highlighted the business case for prioritising staff wellbeing and proactively managing mental health in the workplace.”

— Jessica Russell, REACH Recovery College Manager


We are able to offer an Audit, bespoke Consultancy, Workshops and small-group Presentations

Wellbeing Audit

A one day (size of business dependant) assessment of your relevant HR data, management policies, organisational procedures, wellbeing initiatives, and the physical environment. It also includes a structured interview process through all sections of the organisation on what is working, what can be improved, and what is supportable by your various workgroups.

The quote will include a review within three months.

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Mental Health Workshop 1 (5 hours)

Covers the ‘Business Case’ in terms of costs, benefits, and applicable legislation. Defines terms such as: health, wellbeing and mental ill-health and discusses workplace issues around accessing mental health assistance. Introduces the signs and causes of the most common areas of mental health concern. 

Practical exercises are given to deepen understanding of mental ill-health, and appropriate case studies are used to illustrate the concepts covered. 

Signposts the sources which are available for further help.

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Mental Health:
 Management Overview (60 mins)

This course recaps the business case and gives the background to why any organisation needs to take seriously the subject of mental health for its employees and management. It also gives useful information on the signs that managers should be on the lookout for. Topics include the legal landscape, business costs, signs of the more common workplace issues, and useful advice on improving your own mental health.

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Mental Health:
Stress at Work (45 mins)

This course looks deeper into the causes and effects of workplace stress. It builds on the open questioning techniques to equip everybody in how to have conversations with other people in the workplace, some of whom they may know well, others who they do not.

Self-Harm and
Suicide Prevention (45 mins)

These subjects are only offered to organisations that have had either a Wellbeing Audit or an initial Consultation.

This course looks at the reasons why a colleague may be having thoughts on these subjects. It focusses on the warning signs and how a colleague can help someone, in a safe way.

Sources of specific help available in these instances are covered.

Wellbeing Consultation

This is available as a stand-alone process or as a follow up to the Wellbeing Audit.

Audit follow-up: typically a half day site visit repeated quarterly (but dependant on previous audit findings and issue close-out).

Stand-alone: Either a desktop run-through of your policies and procedures, or more in-depth management of your overall wellbeing strategy. Bespoke to your needs.

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Mental Health Workshop 2 (5 hours)

Defines in greater depth each of the terms Stress, Anxiety, Depression and reinforces the learning though practical exercises. 

Covers in some depth the techniques of open questioning and active listening though instruction and practical exercises. Outlines appropriate workplace interventions and popular self-help techniques. 

Covers the current knowledge around adult self-harm and  the more immediate issues around suicide prevention.


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Mental Health:
Employee Awareness (45 mins)

This introduces Mental Ill-Health in its general concept, and then gives help and advice on having a dialogue with colleagues in the workplace around mental health. Topics include discussions of the issues more commonly found in the workplace, tips for coping and an introduction to asking open questions. 

A short quiz is included. Sources for further help are referenced.

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Mental Health: 
Depression and Anxiety (45 mins)

Here we are looking into the differing levels of anxiety and depression, their contributory factors and the known ways to handle them in the workplace. Panic attacks will also be covered.


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